Why do brands care for Social Media?

According to Statista, it has estimated that by 2020, around a third of the Earth’s population will be on social media. That’s around 2.95 billion people. They assume that 650 million users are expected to be from China and approximately a third of a million from India. Brands that target these markets are very happy, because they are able to promote their service/product to mass amounts of people without having to spend so much money in print advertising.


In 2008, about 24 percent of the U.S. population was present on social media. Today, about 78 percent of the U.S. population is on social media. But, what exactly does this mean for brands who use social media to sell their products? It means that their sea is filling up with more fishes which enables them to catch more fish. Did that make sense?

With social media rising in numbers of users, brands can choose what outlet to advertise on to get the best results and target certain ‘fishes’ in their sea, depending on the demographics they want.

Back in 2013, Oreo was very creative when advertising during Halloween season

Before Facebook adapted its endless stream of videos, Vine had the idea first [shocking I know!]. Vine is a social media platform where users are able to create and share videos with friends on an everlasting loops. When they first began, users were only able to make 6 second videos. Now, users are able to let their imaginations run free and create videos up to 120 seconds. Some may see 10 minute videos, but that’s only for exclusive partners.  In August 2013, vine revealed that they had registered 40 million users [not bad for being created in January earlier that year].

So, Oreo decided to take advantage of the 40 million users on vine. Knowing that Halloween was around the corner, why not advertise Oreo to potentially boost sells during the month of October, which is the month that most Americans buy candy. The Oreo vine has had more than 800 thousand loops, which is petty good. Apart from Vine, they also shared it on Facebook and Twitter in order to distribute their message throughout all of their social media platforms. They were even recognized by Social Times for being one of the top 10 brands who do an amazing job on social media.

Even though people say that vine is slowly dying, there are still about  200 million users on the platform who more than 1 billion loops. Most of the users are millennials [70 percent].

Food for thought

Imaging if a brand were to put out a new candy bar. Why not hire one of the top 10 influencers on vine to promote their brand and slowly transition to their ‘new favorite candy bar’.