Storytelling gets easier with Facebook’s new tool, Canvas

One of the newest Facebook tools that has not gotten a lot of attention after its release has been Canvas.

Canvas is a full screen ad experience that was built to bring brands and products to life on a mobile device.

According to Facebook, “It’s fairly well understood now that of the time people spend online, they’re spending it on mobile and in just a handful of apps, including Facebook”.

The tool lets brands create a regular Facebook post, but when you click on the post, instead of redirecting to an article or to a website, the tool opens up an interactive multimedia experience that users are able to enjoy on their mobile device.

Canvas lets you use a variety of videos, still images and call-to-action buttons. It also enables users to swipe through photos in a carrousel style, to view panoramic images and zoom in to view image details.

One brand in particular that has been able to maximize this tool is Burberry. Below you will find one of their most recent ads for holiday shopping. Burberry was able to use all of the features in order to inform their users that they are able to shop at any time by clicking the call-to-action at any time.

To find step-by-step instructions to build your own Facebook Canvas ad experience, check out Social Media Examiner.

But, why did Facebook introduce this new tool? No one really knows, but many like Amy Wood have written that Facebook benefits from this tool because instead of redirecting users to other websites/platforms, they are able to keep those users on Facebook.

This will probably be highlighted when Facebook releases their statistics and it shows that many users are staying longer on Facebook than before.

Overall, many companies can benefit from this tool because it has been proven to generate higher engagement rates and it is easier for store to sell/display their product online in a more creative way.


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