Déjà vu: Facebook soon to launch Snapchat-like camera with filters

Damn Facebook, back at it again using Snapchat ideas.

During the Rio Olympics of 2016, Facebook decided to test out it’s face recognition technology by letting selected users add their favorite team’s face paint to their profile pictures.

Photo: Facebook

Now, Facebook wants to go all out by adding more complex face recognition filters that were shown on their video add.

Apart from taking a picture, the new feature will allow users to edit the images and send it to a friend on the platform. Unlike Snapchat, the Facebook will keep the picture active as long as the users continue to have a conversation. If there’s no interaction between the two “friends” between 24 hours, the picture will self-delete.

“People are used to a certain application and the brand that goes along with it. No one thinks to share an article on Instagram”, said David Gaitan, marketing specialist from Newlink in Miami, Fl. “Probably not many [millennials] will use the Facebook camera like Snapchat.”

There’s no doubt brands will use this upcoming feature to promote themselves, just how they are now using Instagram stories.All we can do at this point is just wait and see what people will choose.


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