Three main reasons why vine shut down

The mobile application that most millennials fell in-love with during their high school years came to a final shut down last month.

There were three main reasons why the application most of us adored came to a crashing end that broke all of our hearts.

First, the application became too mundane not giving users enough updates. During 2012 and 2013, the application was the first of its kind that allowed users to share short six second clips. Years later, the application continued to only allow six second clips and that turned off its users.

Second, Vine started to get competitors such as Snapchat and Instagram. Instagram allowed users to post 10 second clips and then changed to 30, allowing celebrities and brands to share more time with their users. Snapchat let users send those short videos to their friends and giving them creative tools such as adding funny face recognition filters. This made vines to start using other applications that allowed them to connect better with their audiences.

Third, viners could not promote their page on Vine. Most of them had to use other social platforms in order to promote themselves, such as YouTube. Instagram also allowed viners to promote their pages and even featured them on the explore search bar. This drove many viners to use Instagram.

With viners leaving the mobile applications, users followed.

“Over the past year it’s really dwindled and our focus has been a little bit more on TV and mobile. Brands didn’t ever really come to us anymore with Vine in mind — it was just sort of an add-on,” said Megan Cignoli, a 35-year-old animator.

Vine left the video application competitive world after Twitter said they could not maintain the application anymore. This announcement was around the same time Twitter announced that it had to lay off nine percent of its work force.

Since vine is no longer a thing, I guess we will never know if Ryan Gosling ever ate his cereal.


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