Top 5 social networking sites of 2016

Since the year is almost coming to an end, why not review the top five social networking sites of 2016 according to Dream Grow. Below you will find not only how many active users the applications have but also how brands use these applications on the daily.

#1 Facebook: 1,790,000,000 Users

This is not a shocker. Facebook has been leading the social media market for years and brands use them every day to target certain audiences and certain groups. Ever wonderred why certain ads appear only to you and not your friends? That’s because Facebook knows what you like and what you don’t. It also knows what you’ve searched.

#2 YouTube: 1,000,000,000 Users

YouTube generates about one billion views every day with hundreds of millions of viewing hours. With the recent shut-down of Vine, most users have jumped to YouTube in order to keep producing content.

#3 Instagram: 500,000,000

Instagram started the “selfie” trend, but now brands and many artistic users use the application to put their artistic work. Brands are getting creative day by day and attracting more users to their profiles.

#4 Twitter: 313,000,000

Twitter continues to be the fastest way anyone can get information on local events. Twitter maintains short and quick messages for users to receive information faster. A month ago, Twitter announced that it had to cut its staff by nine percent. Will Twitter close just like Vine did? Probably not. Brands advertise on Twitter way too often.

#5 Reddit: 234,000,000

Want to find a group forum? Reddit is the place to be. Reddit has millions of forums that cover any subject from computer and sciences to space. Anything you need answers to will most likely be on reddit.

Those are the top 5 social networking sites of 2016. Other sites such as (160,000,000), Tumblr (115,000,000), and LinkedIn (106,000,000) get honorable mentions.

Let’s see what 2017 will bring us.



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