Why do brands benefit more by using social media marketing rather than traditional marketing?

Photo by Buchanan Whiskey

Before the invention of the internet and all of its glory, marketers would always target mass audiences in order to try to boost their sales on a certain item or service.

Example, during the 60s, marketers knew that many housewives would watch TV at a certain time. During those hours, marketers would make sure to launch a commercial ad during that certain time in order to catch the attention of housewives and hopefully persuade them to buy their product.

Today marketing firms now have information about anyone who participates in social media and who use the internet on a daily basis. Big data has allowed for marketers to get his information allowing them to target smaller niches of people.

“I was searching for a specific shoe style called Mules. … I was looking for a specific one,” said Jessica Armado, account executive at Newlink. “Since that moment [after searching] all I see is Mules everywhere, even the ones I don’t like.”

Big data allows marketers to choose certain types of people.

One day I decided to put it up for a test. I told my father to get his computer and to sit next to me with my computer. We both searched for Buchanan whiskey for about 30 minutes. Later during the day, we both saw adds that popped-up in our screens while we were on Facebook.

Since the ads are targeted toward certain audiences, we both got different results.

This is the ad that popped up on my father’s computer.

And this is the ad that popped up on my screen.

The biggest difference was the language. My father usually searches everything in Spanish and I search in both languages. Data knew which ad to send to each other.

So instead of spending a lot of money on traditional marketing that might be wasted, brands benefit when they market through social media or searching browsers because the key messages are directed to a specific group of people.


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