Three updates coming to Vine in 2017

As most of you found out earlier this year, Twitter — owner of Vine — cut most of its resources including the famous 6-second video social application.

Recently, Team Vine posted on Medium stating that instead of deleting the application, it will turn it into a regular camera app that allows you record 6-second videos.

This “update” will start at the beginning  of January 2016. But, what exactly will change in 2017?

  1. The application will now let you post a vine directly to Twitter without having it to post on Vine first

This might bring many influencers back to Twitter since content on Twitter is promotable.

  1. Vine will allow its users to download vines from the live desktop website and from a mobile device

This means that brands/influencers can keep their original Vine files.

I guess people will now be able to make Vine compilations faster…

*Cue sad laugh*


  1. The creators of Vine are making it easier to follow people on Twitter

But that is still in the works.

For now the real question is, will Vine influencers choose Twitter as their new Vine? Or have they already sold their souls to Facebook’s Instagram?

I guess we must wait for 2017 to roll out some gnarly analytics.


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